"Neoscope has helped us with our HIPAA compliance and advised us of the many ways to cut costs by leveraging the power of technology. The products they have implemented for us have allowed our whole team to better server our clients. Our staff is extremely pleased to have the opportunity to work with such a great group of people."
-Non-Profit Mental Health Agency

"Before working with Neoscope we had no idea what to expect when the IT bill arrived in the mail. Now we have a predictable monthly cost. Our network is monitored and maintained around the clock and we never hesitate to pick up the phone if we need assistance.The friendly team at Neoscope is always there to help."
-Family Healthcare Practice Merrimack, NH

"Before working with Neoscope our computer systems were difficult and costly to manage,with support sometimes taking weeks instead of days. Now if we need assistance, Neoscope is there in a flash. We've been able to keep our operations up and running 24/7/365 thanks to Neoscope's managed IT services and the combination of virtual on-site server and off-site backup in case of failure. We finally have peace of mind!"
-Machine Products Company, NH

"We have been more than pleased with Neoscope and their ability to keep our customers happy! Managed Services has allowed us to budget our IT costs for the year, as well as keep our POS system running smoothly."
-Retail Paint Shop, NH

"The Neoscope Technology team has helped us through many chanllenges that other IT companies were unable to help us with. We experienced zero downtime during this smooth transition, and our staff has been more productive thanks to their proactive managed approach to IT"
-Printing Services Company.

New England Office - 30 International Dr.,
Portsmouth, NH 03801 Phone - 603.505.4902
Ohio – PO Box 6313,
Akron, OH 44312 Phone - 330.800.9229